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Wayfaring stranger

Stranger wayfaring

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  • One may judge of the pleasantness of their perpetual companionship by the following detail. The Marchesa and her daughter came twice to see them, and the presence of these strangers gave them pleasure for, in spite of the ties of blood, we may call stranger a person who knows nothing of our dearest interests and whom we see but once in a year.
  • This man was a friend of Giletti one may judge of his surprise when he saw his friend's passport in the hands of a stranger his first impulse was to have that stranger arrested, then he reflected that Giletti might easily have sold his passport to this fine young man who apparently had just been doing something disgraceful at Parma.
  • When they left the church, Peppe noticed that Fabrizio gave a twenty franc piece to the first pauper who asked him for alms this mendicant uttered cries of gratitude which drew into the wake of the charitable stranger the swarms of paupers of every kind who generally adorn the Piazza San Petronio.
  • He resolved never to tell the Duchessa any falsehood, and it was because he loved her to adoration at that moment that he vowed to himself never to say to her that he loved her never would he utter in her hearing the word love, since the passion which bears that name was a stranger to his heart.
  • On the first landing there was no one but, when she reached the second, at the entrance to the corridor which, as the reader may remember, was closed by three barred gates and led to Fabrizio's cell, she found a turnkey who was a stranger to her, and said to her with a terrified air
  • Le stranger Film Festival est à la recherche de documentaires petit format originaux réalisés par des jeunes de moins de 30 ans de pays européens ou voisins sur toutes sortes de sujets intéressant les récits sur l'Europe.
  • Let us admit frankly that Canon Borda's jealousy was not altogether unfounded on his return from France, Fabrizio appeared to the eyes of Contessa Pietranera like a handsome stranger whom she had known well in days gone by.
  • He forgot that he never went near a caffè except to read the Constitutionnel, and that, since he was a complete stranger to everyone in Bologna, the gratification of vanity did not enter at all into his present happiness.
  • Durant les années 1960, il continua d'enregistrer des artistes de ska et de rocksteady, notamment Joe Higgs, Desmond Dekker, Toots and the Maytals, Derrick Morgan, John Holt et stranger Cole.
  • Fausta had remained in the church until it was almost empty, and had then rapidly exchanged certain signs with the stranger with her hands she had seemed to be making a series of crosses.
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